Wentworth Park


July 4 - Aug 1



Wentworth Park

July 4 - Aug 1



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Are You Looking to Play Makin’ Waves?

We receive dozens of inquiries each year to play our festival. Here are some helpful notes to consider:

  • We only book 10 mainstage acts per year. At least 5 of these will be from Cape Breton.
  • Take a look at the roster from previous years. Does your act seem like it would fit in those lineups?
  • We take diversity and equity very seriously. Our priority is to put people on stage that reflect the makeup of our community. BIPOC, 2sLGBTQIA+, and female identifying artists are underrepresented on stages, and we make an effort to book these artists before focusing on others.
  • Except in very specific circumstances, we do not book solo or duo singer-songwriters or traditional acts. Our last solo artist was Ron Sexsmith in 2017. Are you Ron Sexsmith? ‘Cause we’d love to have Ron Sexsmith again.
  • So how do you get noticed? Apply for Contact East, ECMAs, Music NS Week, or tour in this region. Blow the roof off the place. Bring in an audience. Get media coverage (specifically CBC). Then we’ll find you.
  • Make it easy for us. We get pitched at least 100 artists every year. If we have to dig through an email to find why your act is special, we’re probably not going to find it. Make your elevator pitch, tell us why you’re special, and give us a compelling reason to book you.

To contact Makin’ Waves, please visit: